At woof publishing we love creating print with purpose. Whether it be magazines, reports, books, guides, newsletters or technical publications, we love what we do, and best of all, our clients love us for it!

woof publishing

WOOF Publishing is a division of the WOOF Group which includes Creative & Websites. Individually we are experts in our areas and together we are able to provide our clients with the perfect mix of brand, advertising, website, digital marketing and print publication knowledge needed to successfully communicate and connect with your audiences in a multi-channel segmented world.

At WOOF Publishing, we love communicating our clients' thoughts, ideas, products and news through books, catalogues, magazines and newsletters.

Mainly because we love print! (Always have, always will). But also because in an ever-expanding digital world, print still has its place. Every home still has a book proudly placed on a shelf or on a coffee table, with beautiful pictures and thoughtful words crafted to inspire, educate or motivate. There's something to be said for the tactile interaction that brings you closer to the content you're trying to consume.

That's why throughout our office and in each of our homes you'll find piles of books and magazines that we're always flicking through and reading. Yes, we still scroll through social feeds, click away at websites and engage digitally, because even digital has it's place. 🙂

Over the past 20 years we've partnered with clients from wide-ranging industries; from fashion to agriculture, fine wine to fine dining, from government bodies to construction and even lawyers to bring their print dreams to life.

Should you need us, you can find us most hours of the day, (and many nights), in our natural habitat of Collingwood, in the famed WOOF Towers, where more often than not, we are supervised by Murphy, Lukka, Gus, Evie, Ivy or Delilah, our canine consiglieri.






what we do

WOOF Publishing provides a range of publishing services to help clients bring their ideas to life in print. The process starts with conceptual development where we work with the client to understand needs and processes. From there we can help to develop content if required including illustration, photography and copywriting. Once all content is generated we design and layout the publication, ready for proofing and print production. Once final print-ready files are approved for print we manage the printing of the publication. We source printing from a wide range of suppliers nationally and internationally to ensure the best combination of price and quality.





Proofing & Editing

Print Production

Print Sourcing & Management


We provide design, print production and management services for magazine publications.

Corporate Brochures & Annual Reports

Whether it's engaging shareholders or communicating corporate capability statements, a physical leave-behind book will leave a lasting impression.

Coffee Table Books

Hardback, large format beautiful books designed to inspire and captivate. Perfect to showcase your achievements and history. 

Product & Program Guides

Often produced as soft cover either perfect bound or saddle stitched, these guides are a perfect way to showcase a large product range and events or program information in detail.


Printed newsletters are a great way to communicate the latest news around the office, the community or within sporting and social clubs. Often executed as a saddle-stitched 12 to 24 page booklet which can be folded down for mailing if required.

Technical Publication

To communicate a large amount of technical data and information, a book will allow you to guide your reader through the journey with technical illustrations, data visualisation, infographics and data tables. 

love us for it